Beach Club Cagpo Resort

Boutique Resort and Restaurant, Marinduque Island, Philippines.

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To book a room at Beach Club Cagpo, we require FULL payment in advance to the following account:


Acct #: 5299-6742-7903-6108

Refunds are not given - but will be credited for your future use.

Once payment is completed - please forward a copy of the transaction receipt to the [email protected] with your name - and we will reconfirm your booking.

If you have any questions, wish to book a reservation, hire the Motorbike, Private Van or Jumping Castle -

Please contact :


 Or Email us at:

[email protected]




We also offer payment via PayPal! 

1. Send required money to PayPal account: [email protected]
2. Please email us your payment confirmation details as well as arrival and departure dates.
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About Club Cagpo

About Beach Club Cagpo and Marinduque Island

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