Beach Club Cagpo Resort

Boutique Resort and Restaurant, Marinduque Island, Philippines.

About Marinduque

Marinduque is known as one of the smallest provinces in the Southern Tagalog region.  Marinduque is a heart-shaped island known for its many festivals and warm welcoming people. The Island has a good infrastructure, water, electricity, transport and roads. The island has numerous things to do and see.

During the Lenten season, Marinduque comes alive with people from all over the countryside visiting to witness the very popular and famous Moriones Festival, a colourful religious celebration that links to the story of Longinus with Christ’s Passion and Death. This festivity is known as one of the most colorful festivals in the Philippines.

Marinduque is divided into 6  municipalities in total, Boac, Buenavista, Gasan, Mogpog, Santa Cruz and Torrijos. 

  •  Geography: The heart-shaped island of Marinduque is located on the Sibuyan Sea, south of Manila between the Bondoc Peninsula of Luzon and Mindoro Island. South of the island are the islands of Romblon and southwest of Marinduque, Oriental Mindoro.
  • Languages/Dialects: The Marinduqueños speak a unique blend of Tagalog and Visayan dialects, with traces of Bicolano. The working population can read and speak Filipino and English.
  • Climate: Marinduque has two pronounced seasons: Dry from December to May, and Wet from June to October. The average monthly rainfall is highest in October, and lowest in April.
  • History: Legend has it that the island of Marinduque was formed as a consequence of a tragic love affair between two people: Mariin and Gatduke. Mariin's father, a local chieftain, did not approve of this affair and ordered the beheading of Gatduke. Before this could be done, the couple sailed out to sea and drowned themselves, forming the island now called Marinduque.


Marinduque Offers

Marinduque Island has a host of things to do for any type of traveller.

You can:

  • Go Snorkelling or Diving
  • Explore the Massive Bathala Cave system.
  • Go Hiking and Mountaineering around Volcanoes and Famous Mountains
  • Explore Spanish-era Buildings and Church's, Dating back hundreds of years
  • Join in with the Morione's Festival, known as the Most Colourful festival in the Philippines
  • Relax on Many Secluded Beach's, including Beach Club Cagpo's Private 200 meter's of beach
  • Party with the locals, Join in with the nightlife at numerous Out-door Disco's and Karaoke Bars
  • Watch many Colourful Butterflies, Marinduque is known as the Butterfly Capital of the Philippines
  • Visit the Incredible Tres Reyes Islands Marine Sanctuary

Plus much more!