Beach Club Cagpo Resort

Boutique Resort and Restaurant, Marinduque Island, Philippines.

Activities at Club Cagpo

  • Massage Service: Our Medical Masseuse is available by appointment. Enjoy an hour or more of total relaxation.
  • Beach Volleyball:  Net & Ball provided, you bring the team at your own risk.
  • TV-Videos/DVD's-Books:  For extra entertainment, why not watch a movie or read a book from a selection at our mini library ... we welcome additional books...PLEASE only borrow... DON'T TAKE.
  • Karaoke,  We don't have karaoke in Club Cagpo - HOORAY!!! - But sometimes, we all have the urge to sing ... go down to White Beach in Poctoy and sing to your heart's content - only 2kms from Club Cagpo.
  • Reef Exploring & Snorkelling:  At low tide, the reef in front of Club Cagpo gets exposed up to 200mtrs which gives you the perfect opportunity to see the marine life up close.
  • Mini Golf Course: 6 hole mini golf course available (more holes under construction). Free use for hotel guests or 80PHP for visitors.
  • Board Games / Dart Board:  Free for your use.
  • Beach Bonfire: Can be arranged for a minimal fee.
  • Hiking and Exploring: the mountain where the Battle of Pulang Lupa took place during the Philippine-American War is close to Club Cagpo and can be hiked & explored. The leisurely hike towards the Memorial at the summit brings with it breathtaking views of the islands coastline/mountains. Many other hikes and walks can be arranged around Marinduque Island. Any adventurer will easily feel at home with an array of mountains, jungles, caves and reefs to explore.
  • Motorbiking: Marinduque has a good road infrastructure as well as a more rugged interior, perfect for exploring on two wheels. We offer bike hire, and can arrange further bike hire for extra people. Marinduque can be fully circumnavigated via roads on motorbike, further inland exploring on motorbikes through the jungles of the mountains can be quite an experience. 


About Club Cagpo

About Beach Club Cagpo and Marinduque Island

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