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Marinduque Discovery: Hidden Cave with Subterranean River

Posted by clubcagpo on October 12, 2009 at 10:18 AM

The first Underground Subterranean River to have been found in Marinduque has been recently discovered by a team led by provincial tourism officers in Sta. Cruz, Marinduque.


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The San Isidro Cave and Subterranean River, is located in Sta. Cruz, Marinduque, Philippines. Village leaders in San Isidro are now aimed at carefully preserving the site.


Club Cagpo is a simple drive away from the Bathala Cave system, and can arrange transportation to any Eco-tourism spot or other destinations around Marinduque at your request. We offer Van hire (see "Van hire" on links bar to the left). The Bathala caves are only one of the many eco sites on Marinduque Island.


Caves, Spelunking and Eco-tourism, Marinduque is famed for its many cave systems, such as the grand Bathala Caves which even feature a "Cathedral" like cave which houses the coffins and relics of ancient ancestors of Marinduqueno's or possibly also World War II soldiers. A complex network of eight caves however only four of which have so far been fully explored. One of the biggest is called "Simbahan". Another cave, "Kay Coke" cave, is occasionally guarded by rock pythons. The third cave has an underground river and the fourth one houses human bones and ancient relics believed to be the remains of World War II soldiers or possibly past ancestors of Marinduque island.


 (Entering the Bathala Caves with Tour guides)


About the Bathala Cave System

The Caves of Bathala are eight different caves, named Church Cave, Secret Cave, Python Cave, Cemetrey Cave, Lihim Cave, Underground Cave, River Cave and Kay Mendez Cave. They are located in a 19 hectare area, at about 700m asl. The small karst contains even more caves, but they are not explored or named.


The biggest cave is called Kuweba ng Simbahan (Cave of the Church), as it was used for worship. It was believed to be the home of Amang Bathala, the Supreme God of the Tagalogs, the indegneous inhabitants of the Philippines. The cave is big enough for 100 people. The next cave is 100m away and called Cemetrey Cave, as it was used as a burial site. Excavations revealed earthen jars, china jars, coffin fragments and human relics, including 13 skulls. The excavation was carried out by the French archaeologist Alfred Marche.



(Inside one of the Bathala Caves)


The Python Cave is guarded by numerous living pythons. The strange thing is, that the snakes are normally dangerous and aggressive, but here at the cave they are not harmful. They are said to have never harmed visitors. Visitors even take pictures as close as 35cm. The locals explain this with the fact that the snakes are the pets of Bathala.


(The Cave ecosystem is a hotspot for biodiversity of animals and plant life)


The unique and spiritual connection with the Bathala caves has also prompted throughout history the occupation of the caves by Guerillas and religous sects. Some noteable past occupants of the Bathala caves are the The Pulajan Movement then later the Samahang Tatlong Persona Solo Dios, who stayed at the cave for a long time during the early 1900s.

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Reply digna almonte
8:16 AM on March 26, 2010 
wer proud to be marinduquenos..... mabuhay!
Reply elena
4:37 AM on October 8, 2010 
hay ganda talaga ng bathala cave
Reply danny
2:54 PM on January 27, 2013 
di ako continto sa nakita ko kinapos kami sa oras kailangan pala agahan , babalik ako sampo ng mga pamilya ko bathala cave diyan ka lang darating ako ,
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7:35 AM on July 20, 2017 
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