Club Cagpo Club Cagpo Club Cagpo Beach Beach Frontage of Club Cagpo, with Mt Malindig in the Background 27988219 Club Cagpo Beach View from Club Cagpo 27988221 The Bar <BR> 27988224 Bar 27988267 View from Beach View of Mt Malindig from Club Cagpo's Beach. 27988243 Club Cagpo Sunset Sunset over Club Cagpo 27988222 Club Cagpo Beach 27988244 Cagpo Beach Bonfire 27988266 Deck Chair by the beach 27990994 Jenny's Birthday Bash Jenny's Birthday Bash 27990972 Henrik & Ailene 27990973 Henrik admiring his Bonfire by the beach 27991002 Service with a Smile... Enjoy your meal 27990997 Relaxing 27990998 Harry with Henrik 27990999 Russell of White Beach with Harry 27990974 Club Cagpo by Night 27991001 Cynthia HOUSEKEEPING, RESTAURANT & BAR Assistant Cynthia HOUSEKEEPING, RESTAURANT & BAR Assistant - Taking the much needed break! 27990996 50845230 Our Jumping Castle For Hire 50845100 The Deck Chairs 51135495 Cottage by Night 51135496 Bar by Night 51135497 51136628 BBQ and Wood Oven 51135498 BBQ 51136629 51136630 51136631 Guests Michael and Kristy, the Texan Koreans! 94809969 Guests The Slovenians, with Mikka the Massage Lady 94810016