Beach Club Cagpo Resort

Boutique Resort and Restaurant, Marinduque Island, Philippines.

To and From Marinduque

Beach Club Cagpo is located in Barangay Cagpo, near Torrijos. (Shown on Map Below)

Marinduque Island is linked to Manila and the rest of the Philippines via Lucena (by bus). To get to Marinduque you have to catch a  ferry from Lucena, Dalahican Port to Bulanacan or Cawit. Marinduque has an airport - but the runway is currently under renovation, so flights are temporarily suspended. We will keep you updated!

For the most direct route to Torrijos and Club Cagpo, take a ferry to the main port Balanacan. There is also a ferry to Cawit Port that is a shorter trip via Buenavista using private car, but unfortunately longer if public transport is your option as you go via Santa Cruz.

Certain bus companies such as Tri-tran, JAM, JAC and BLTB transport passengers from Manila to the Dalahican Port in Lucena as well.

We recommend JAC Liner,, as it goes directly to Torrijos From Manila, via the Ferry.

Jeepneys, tricycles and FX's serve routes around Marinduque Island, there will be a large selection of these to get you from the port to Club Cagpo, you can use any of those to stop off at Club Cagpo, just ask to go to get off at the Cagpo Elementary School in Barangay Cagpo. (Club Cagpo is diagonally opposite the School)

Beach Club Cagpo also has a Van available for private pick-up and drop-off, if you wish to do so, please book the van by contacting Harry via mobile or email, visit the Contact Us page for more info.

If you have Any questions regarding getting to Club Cagpo, please contact Harry from the Contact Us page as well.



You can also find a detailed "Getting There" page from Marinduque's Provincial Website found HERE


Sea Travel

There are a few sea routes to choose from, to get to Marinduque Island. Ro-ro ferry's Depart from Lucena's Dalahican Port to Marinduque several times daily.

Companies to contact are -

Montenegro Shipping Line: - landline 0423 737 084 globe - 0915 99 455 18 smart - 094 932 21284 

Starhorse Shipping: phone - 0930 5648 530 


About Club Cagpo

About Beach Club Cagpo and Marinduque Island

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